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Prakriya Hospitals is one of the few centres which has state of the art infrastructure and treats common as well as complex ENT problems of all age groups. We not only diagnose and treat snoring problems like common conditions related to ENT also provide expertise in the field of Vertigo and other balance disorders, snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea, swallowing disorders, pain free minimally invasive surgical interventions for adenoid and tonsils for both children and adults. We clinically collaborate, sub-specialties like neurology, neurosurgery, pulmonology, radiology, anesthesia, internal and allergic medicine, oncology, radiotherapy and immunology backed with a well-trained audiologist and speech therapists. This Clinical Integration outcome is to successfully treat breathing difficulty, snoring and sleep apnoea, spasmodic dysphonic, vocal cord problems, laryngeal movement disorders, skull base pathologies, head and neck malignancies, and airway conditions.

We also provide other allied services like audiology, voice and speech therapy, voice problem, stammering, autism, speech, voice and swallowing problems and are trained in cochlear implantation and BAHA. This is your one-stop solution to all ENT problems


Dr. P. Subramanya Rao

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Dr Sandhya S Patil
DLO, ENT, DNB ENT. ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist
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Ear, Nose & Throat

Our Department of ENT & Head & Neck is a comprehensive center that is well equipped to deal with all ENT problems. Prakriya Hospitals has one of the best doctors, who are experts in advanced technologies and work with a clear vision of providing quality care services at an affordable cost.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Our teams are experts in diagnosing and treating all the conditions related to ENT and Head and Neck.

We provide a complete range of diagnostic assessments and are equipped with endoscopes to diagnose various conditions related to the ear, nose, and throat. With the aid of endoscopes, the team is able to even perform certain diagnostic procedures including biopsies. In the field of otology, our specialists deliver OPD services like pure tone audiometry, impedance audiometry, OtoAcoustic Emissions (OAE), and BERA.

We perform surgeries for all basic conditions of ENT including myringotomy, tympanoplasty, and lateral skull base operations. We have been trained to perform Cochlear Implantation and as a department, we also provide post-implantation rehabilitation for the child.

The ENT team at Prakriya Hospitals is trained to diagnose and treat all conditions related to voice. Video laryngoscopy-assisted diagnosis is often performed for all voice-related disorders, following which we provide all the treatment modalities for the same including voice therapy, medical management, surgical management and transoral laser surgery.

We also diagnose and treat all conditions related to the nose including allergy, nasal polyposis, and anterior skull base pathologies.

Our OPD services include:

Pure tone audiometry, impedance audiometry, OtoAcoustic Emissions (OAE), BrainStem Evoked Response Audiometry, infant hearing screening, hearing aid trial, and fitting, auditory rehabilitation, vestibular evaluation, and rehabilitation. Our medical unit also specialises in professional and singing voice evaluation and diagnosis, voice therapy and rehabilitation, speech-language pathology evaluation, functional endoscopic evaluation of swallowing and swallowing therapy.

We also perform diagnostic nasal endoscopy including diagnosis of nasal polyposis and other nasal masses and evaluation of epistaxis (bleeding from the nose).