There is a dedicated patient department for all the international patients at Prakriya. The department helps the patient at all time i.e. during planning the trip, during the hospital stay and also after discharge for follow-up with the doctor and hospital.


Please contact your International Patient Coordinator or fill the online form and share the available medical reports. Your coordinator shall discuss with the concerned doctor and shall send you the tentative treatment plan and the tentative cost estimates. Please be advised that the treatment plan and cost is tentative and shall be reconfirmed after the initial assessment of the patient by the doctor at Prakriya Hospital.


Please contact your International Patient Coordinator if you need to have a detailed online/video consultation with your doctor. Your coordinator shall coordinate with you and your doctor to organize the same.


A. Visa Application:
Identify the Indian Embassy/Consulate in your country. In case, if there is no Indian Embassy in your country than please identify authorized Indian Consulate or Visa Office for your country. The International Patient Coordinator at Prakriya can also help you in this. Please send the necessary medical reports to your international patient coordinator and request for the Medical Visa Invitation Letter for the patient and Medical Attender Visa Invitation Letter for the caretaker/attender. After receiving the visa invitation letter please submit the visa application in the Indian Embassy.

B. Vaccination:
Please check with the Indian Embassy in your country to know about the requirement of the various vaccinations that needs to be taken by the visitors coming to India. You may be required to take Yellow Fever Vaccination atleast 10-days before your travel. It is mandatory of take the COVID vaccination (minimum of 2 doses) and every visitor coming to India must carry the COVID vaccination certificate. Please check with your airlines on the COVID vaccination and other vaccination protocols. Please contact your International Patient Coordinator if you need any help.

C. Funds Transfer
Please ensure that you transfer the funds against your treatment to the hospital bank account as per the details mentioned in your Treatment Plan. Please transfer the funds atleast 10-days in advance so that funds can get credited in the hospital bank account. Once the funds are transferred please share the remittance copy with your International Patient Coordinator and ensure that the confirmation letter or e-mail is sent by the International Patient Coordinator.

D. Ticket Booking
Once your have received the visa please book the tickets and share the ticket copies with your International Patient Coordinator so that she/he can make the necessary arrangements for your airport pick-up and doctor appointment.

E. Hotel/Guest House Booking
Please ensure that you book the hotel/guest house before travelling and get the confirmation from the hotel/guest house. Alternatively, your International Patient Coordinator can also book the hotel/guest house based on your budget and preference.


Once you arrive in India, your International Patient Coordinator shall arrange for the airport pick-up and you shall be escorted to your hotel/guest house. In case of direct admission, you shall be brought to the hospital and shall be admitted in directly in the hospital. You shall be escorted the next day to the hospital for your appointment with the doctor and your necessary treatment shall start. The International Patient Coordinator shall reconfirm your treatment plan and treatment cost based on the investigation and evaluation by your doctor. Your International Patient Coordinator shall be your one point-of-contact for any assistance that you may require during your treatment and stay in India. Once the treatment is complete and post discharge you shall be taken back to the hospital for recuperation. International Patient Coordinator shall provide you all the necessary support required for you to travel back to your country once your are fit-to-fly.


Your International Patient Coordinator shall always be your one point of contact for any follow-up with your doctor once you go back to your country. You can reach out to him/her on mail or phone at any time.

CHECKLIST (Before Travelling to Prakriya Hospital)

  1. Travel Itinerary
  2. Passport
  3. Vaccination Certificates (Yellow Fever/COVID/Polio etc)
  4. Medical Visa Invitation Copy
  5. Treatment Plan, given by Prakriya Hospital
  6. Available Medical Reports
  7. Cash/Traveller Cheque/Credit Card
  8. International roaming mobile number


  1. Dedicated department for International Patients
  2. Cordination for the Medical Visa and travel arrangements
    before travelling
  3. Complementary Airport Pick-up and Drop
  4. Cordination during the treatment at the hospital
  5. FRRO Registration
  6. Local Travel Desk
  7. Assistance in Hotel/Guest House booking
  8. Visa Extension
  9. Language Translation Services
  10. Assistance in travel arrangements, To and Fro from India
  11. Foreign Exchange Assistance