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All About Knee Replacement Surgery

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Do you need knee replacement?
If your knee gives pain, stiffness, instability or loss of function that affects your daily life and activities, then you will benefit from surgery What are the advantages of Knee replacement? Freedom from pain and improved mobility and quality of life

What are the possible disadvantages?
Replacement joints wearing out over time (20 years) and difficulty with some movements (sitting cross legged or squatting not advisable)

What are the alternatives to knee replacement?
We recommend non operative treatment before considering surgery including weight loss, medication, knee brace and exercises

What will be the recovery following surgery?
Most people are able to start moving soon after the surgery which is good for lung function and the circulation. Physiotherapist will explain to you the exercises and help you walk. You will be discharged as soon as the wound is healing and you can safely manage to get about at home with help of walker. Most people leave the hospital between three and five days following surgery. When you are discharged, you will be given supporting therapy and follow up checks including for removal of stitches. Your knee will continue to improve for as much as a year after the operation