Many of us at one time or the other, contemplate about the blessings bestowed upon us in the past few years. I'm overwhelmed that I can share my experience with Dr. Srinivas and his staff of a renowned hospital in Bengaluru. In fact, I consider it as one of my greatest blessings so far. I know Dr. Srinivas since August 2009, when I first visited him at the Bengaluru hospital. I was merely 15 years of age when I was diagnosed with giant cell tumour on my left leg at a cancer hospital in Mumbai, following which they referred me to Dr. Srinivas of Bengaluru.

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Here's The Exact Amount Of Calories In Your Favourite Summer Fruits!

Most health experts claim how eating fresh fruits and vegetables are important to lead a healthy diet. They are a source of essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants that promote a healthy body.