Prakriya Hospitals is driven by the belief that health care is the basic need and right of every human being. This comprehensive healthcare unit aims at coupling the best specialists and equipment to bring about a significant change in the healthcare sector of India. Our testimonials and reviews have always helped us improve our services. A few of the testimonials are mentioned below.  

Holding Hands

Many of us at one time or the other, contemplate about the blessings bestowed upon us in the past few years. I'm overwhelmed that I can share my experience with Dr. Srinivas and his staff of a renowned hospital in Bengaluru. In fact, I consider it as one of my greatest blessings so far. I know Dr. Srinivas since August 2009, when I first visited him at the Bengaluru hospital. I was merely 15 years of age when I was diagnosed with giant cell tumour on my left leg at a cancer hospital in Mumbai, following which they referred me to Dr. Srinivas of Bengaluru. Honestly speaking, from the very first visit to his office, my family and I were welcomed and comforted both by him and his efficient staff. With immense patience, he explained all the procedures involved in my treatment so that my family could make a confident and independent decision regarding this issue. I was then operated by Dr. Srinivas and the procedure involved the removal of giant cell tumour from the upper end of the tibia with bony grafts and internal fixation. The operation was a huge success. It is indeed worth mentioning that the care and aid that I received all throughout my treatment by Dr. Srinivas and his competent staff is highly appreciative and worth applauding. The Dr. and his staff were available and responsive whenever we needed them. From treatment to care, from higher staff to lower staff, from hygiene to cleanliness and other things including food, medication, facilities for attendants everything was always up to the mark, well organised and systematic. After surgery I continued to visit Dr. Srinivas for re-examination for about two to three years. I must add that his dedication and commitment towards his patients remained unchanged all throughout. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that I met Dr. Srinivas who addressed and fixed my problem with his proficiency and skilfulness. Seven years have gone by since then and now I'm all fit and fine, alive and kicking, doing very well and have no more complaints regarding my previous health issues. Yes! that's a history now. All I can say is that after Almighty, I owe my complete recuperation to Dr. Srinivas and his team. Towards the end, I would like to recommend to all those who have any such health issues especially related to bone tumours, to go and see Dr. Srinivas, the most competent, practiced orthopedic oncosurgeon. Regards to Dr. Srinivas.

-Saba Aftab khan

At the age of 38 in 2013, I was digonoised with "osteosarcoma" distal 1/3 on my right leg femur. I underwent 2 biopsies, option was to amputate my leg. From the time I heard this sad news, I was really mad and fed up on my life. I couldn't eat, didn't want to see people, go out and very depressed, lost about 10 kgs. But my loving family didn't give up, they want to give me the best treatment. With Allah's help it was miracle that I was led to you Doctor. I was very sacred and not sure of recovery but when I met few patients of yours including few srilankans at BGS GLOBAl Hospitals in Bangalore. May family and I felt comfortable. I underwent Megaprosthesis surgery. And you made me to walk very next day with the help of the physiotherapist. I was very panic to keep me feet one the floor, but you and your team gave me all the courage. With in a month I was able to walk on my own. after 3months I was able to get back to work.All my office colleagues was shocked and happy to see me. I do all my work alone I am blessed to enjoy a peaceful life with myself loving family. I wish to thank you Dr for going "above and beyonds" in the treatment you provided, not only do you treat us,but you see to our entire body's mental and physical well being. Also wish to thank you always free to be contactated and each time you visit srilanka you have the time to meet me and the other patients. Gave hope time me self and time others out. You were so supportive and cared for me and the others is every way possible. You are a truly a gifted Doctor that was called be God to care for those suffering from cancer. Once again your not only treat them medically bit show love and compassion to each patients. Thanking you for everything! You are truly awesome and we will always remember and treasure for ever. Not only me tour others srilankan patients are also doing well. MAY Allah bless this awesome Doctor and his family.