Parking Info

We have parking spaces available at the hospital entrance. We also have several parking spaces available at roads surrounding Prakriya Hospital. Please go through the details below for more info on parking.


Prakriya Hospital has several car parking areas for all patients, visitors and staff.

Patient and visitor parking is available 24 hours a day at the front entrance.

The hospital also offers parking for patients and visitors in the car park situated at the street surrounding the hospital. The internal car park has special designated area for Day Surgery and Emergency Department patients, as well as for hospital staff.

Car parking tickets can be purchased through ticket collectors situated within the car parks and signs explain the parking zones and payment options.

Disabled parking is located at the main entrance as well.

Parking in the streets surrounding the hospital is not administered; so please park at your own risk.  If you are staying for longer than 24 hours we recommend parking at the spaces available within the hospital limits..

For further information on parking feel free to contact us at the reception.