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Covid care capacity expansion at Prakriya Hospitals
CSR Activity - Phase 1

With the rising cases of Covid 19 in Bangalore and across the country there is severe shortage of Oxygen beds, ICU beds, Oxygen and essential drugs supply to Hospitals. Prakriya Hospital is in the process of adding more Covid care beds in its premises.

We are seeking funds for developing additional 50 Ward beds and 5 ICU beds for the care of Covid 19 Patients.

The proposal for Phase 1 is published here. We look forward for your contribution for this noble cause.


This is a collaboration project between Prakriya Hospitals, Cytecare Hospitals, Humanist Centre for
Medicine (not for profit), healthcare entrepreneurs and well-wishers to enhance the Covid-care
capacity at Prakriya Hospitals, Bangalore.

Phase 1 of this project envisages the following:

1. Enhancing Covid-care bed capacity – additional 50 beds (existing 150 beds) including 5 ICU beds with ventilators – for needy/ poor patients

2. Establishing a medical oxygen generation plant to increase capacity of treatment of patients with oxygen requirements by over 100 patients per day

3. Procurement of 50 oxygen concentrators for utilisation for Home care – to allow for management of patients at home/ Prakriya, delayed admission of patients, or early discharges of patients, freeing up bed capacity at Prakriya for more serious patients. An oversight and connect model using a central clinical command centre is already available to make this possible.

Funding requirements of the project (details in Annexure 1)

Deployment of funds

Humanist will be able to receive funds from Indian donors and deploy 100% of the capital received towards this project with no administrative costs. We expect the deployment of this funds before 10 May, 2021. The activation of the 50 bed covid-care facility and ICU beds is expected to be completed by then as well. The Medical oxygen generation plant has a 4-6 week lead time from order date, and we are aiming at completion before 15 June 2021. The procurement of 50 oxygen concentrators can also be immediate (lead time 10 days) and should be activated by 10 May, 2021.

Prakriya Hospitals is a 200 bedded community hospital on Tumkur Road, Bangalore with leading specialists. Prakriya has earned a positive reputation in the last 5 years of its existence as a safe and trusted community hospital, and now as a Covid-care hospital.

Cytecare is a 150 bed cancer hospital on Airport Road, Yelahanka, Bangalore providing superspecialised cancer treatment. As cancer patients are immune-suppressed, Cytecare has partnered with Prakriya to create additional covid care capacity in Prakriya Hospital Bangalore. This is purely on a voluntary basis with no commercial reasons.

Humanist Centre for Medicine (Humanist) is a not-for-profit Sec 8 company in India with 80G tax exemption. Its purpose is to fund needy patients receive cancer treatment , and is now actively supporting this project. It is managed by volunteers with zero administrative costs and all the funds are transferred to the beneficiaries.
Humanist Centre for Medicine, UPI: Humanist@Kotak, Kotak Bank Ac/: 3511834850, IFSC: KKBK0000422 Branch: Lavelle Road, Bangalore 560001.

Annexure 1 – Detailed Funding requirements of the project

For further details contact:, +91-9739383877, +91-9845188972

Update on Fund raising and Development

We have raised INR 3 Cr funds for Phase 1 project.

Inspite of the lockdown and restrictions we managed to open the new Covid ward on 10th May 2021 with 10 Oxygen beds and 15 Non Oxygen beds.

Covid 19 Patients are now being treated.

We have 12 to 15 Patients admitted at any point of time. We are in the process of adding more Oxygen beds.

Orders have been placed for:
| Hospital Beds
| Monitors
| Ventilators
| Oxygen Generator
| Oxygen Concentrators
| Furniture and other equipments.

These equipments and materials are expected in few days. With these we would be able to fully operationalise 50 Oxygen beds and 5 ICU beds with ventilators.

We thank everyone who has contributed to this cause. This will help us save more lives.

COVID 19 CSR activity update – 18th June 2021:

  • ​We are happy to share that our O2 generator plant has been installed in Prakriya Hospital. It is currently getting tested. It will soon be commissioned.
    We are planning a formal inauguration of the plant with selected guest. The date and time will be published soon.
  • Covid ward was commissioned on 12 May 2021. We have treated over 100 Patients in this ward. Since first week of June, the covid numbers have reduced significantly. We will be using this ward for treating poor Patients and for Patients referred by government Schemes. Patients will be treated free of cost or at subsidized cost. We will be raising CSR funds to sponsor treatment for these patients. If the covid cases increase, this ward will be dedicated to treat covid 19 cases.
  • We have received majority of the equipments like ventilators, monitors, beds etc. They are put to use. A few more equipments are expected to be delivered soon.
  • We are in the process of developing more beds by adding infrastructure. We have received adequate beds and equipments to run these wards.
  • We thank Cytecare Team, Humanist Team, Goldman Sach Team, United Ways Team and all the other donors for their trust in us and for the contribution.
  • We have treated over 1300 + covid Patients during the second wave of Covid.

We thank our team of doctors, nurses, managers and their teams, food and beverages dept, call center etc for their dedicated work and contribution.

We look forward for continued support from all.

Thank u,
Team Prakriya.

Phase 2 Covid ward expansion
Date: 18th June 2021

Prakriya Hospital in association with Cytecare Hospital, Humanist Foundation have raised INR 1.26 Cr CSR funding from Hitachi ABB Power Products Systems India Limited to develop 50 additional beds for treatment of COVID 19 patients under Phase 2 project. This includes 5 ICU beds with Ventilators.

Infrastructure development and procurement of equipments and furniture is in progress. The ward is expected to be ready soon.
We thank Cytecare team, Humanist team and Hitachi ABB Powergrid team for helping us make this happen.

We look forward for continued support to treat needy Patients in the future.