Careers at Prakriya Hospitals

Prakriya Hospitals is a comprehensive healthcare unit which is devoted to bring about a change in the healthcare sector of India. We strive to create a network of multispecialty outpatient centers and bring high tech research companies under our wings. As a result, we are looking for a team of dedicated specialists, who has a holistic approach towards their work and puts in an extra effort to promote human wellbeing. So if you also believe that health care is the basic need and right of every human being, Prakriya Hospitals is the apt career choice for you. We will not only ensure that our environment will boost your professional growth and open new frontiers for you but will also take care that our work culture is exhilarating so that you enjoy each day with us. Be a part of Prakriya Hospitals and discover professionalism, excellence and innovation like never before.

Career Growth

If you are looking forward to maximizing your potential and excelling in the field of healthcare, Prakriya Hospitals has a broad spectrum of career opportunities for you to choose from. Our venture will make the best use of your skills and also provide training to boost your existing knowledge and abilities.


As a growing multispecility hospital, our aim is to yield the maximum benefit for you, both in terms of professional growth and monetary gains. Besides providing good packages, we also provide various other conveniences to our employees.

Culture and people

To thrive in the healthcare sector and catering to the patients is indeed taxing for both the doctors and the ones they are serving. So, we facilitate a culture which is instilled with finer values like trust, empathy and compassion. We will not only provide absolute care to our patients but will also care for our fellow colleagues and employees.


Synergy is considered a key to success in the healthcare sector. Hence, we stress on the need for working together, which in turn leads to better patient care, improved patient safety, quality work environment, stress reduction and improved communication.