Prakriya Hospitals is a unit of C Square Healthcare Private Limited. Prakriya Hospitals is driven by the belief that health care is the basic need and right of every human being. This comprehensive healthcare unit aims at coupling the best specialists and equipment to bring about a significant change in the healthcare sector of India.



It is indeed appalling that India, which has a population of 133.92 crores, has one hospital bed for every 879 people. According to the WHO, India needs 80,000 more hospital beds every year to meet the demands of this growing population.

Our 200-bedded hospital has a panel of well‐known super specialists focuses on delivering quality patient care at affordable rates. Prakriya Hospitals also employs multispecialty integration, innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technology to provide the highest standard of treatment. We intend to evolve into a one-stop destination for world class health care.

Besides delivering medical care, Prakriya Hospitals will also provide a platform for doctors to fulfil their dream of owning and running their own hospital without compromising on the quality, integrity, service and infrastructure of patient care.


OUR VISION | To develop a medical center in India, which will participate in global efforts by preventing the preventable, curing the curable and researching the incurable disease. 

The Vision will be realized by interlinking three components: 

  • Central referral hospital hub

  • Affiliated network of outpatient centers

  • Partnership with high-tech research companies

OUR MISSION | To develop a state of the art International Medical Institute and outpatient treatment centers for advance healthcare management with a holistic approach.