• Health visits for general well being
    As parents we always have multiple questions regarding the childs well being.Our experts are specially trained to listen to your worries and provide you with answers in a compassionate and patient manner.
  • Sick visits
    Prakriya has a dedicated ,well equipped and staffed children outpatient department. From common acute childhood problems like cough,cold,fever, diarrhea to chronic issues like asthma,diabetes ,seizures will be treated by experts who are trained in treating these problems in children.
  • Immunisations-As per WHO and IAP recommendation from birth to 18 years of age.
    Post exposure prophylaxis
    Vaccination before travel.
    At Prakriya we help you to protect your child against common childhood diseases by providing vaccination in a safe atmosphere.Vaccines are stored and quality controlled with regular quality checks.
    Before travel to another country your child needs to be vaccinated against certain diseases,Prakriya can help you sort out your childs pre travel vaccination for you.
  • Growth and developmental advise and followup
    Our team of doctors help you to keep track of your childs growth and development .Concerns regarding the growth and development will be assessed by our experts at Prakriya and treatment options will be provided for the same.
  • Nutritional advise
    Counselling regarding breast feeding ,weaning and general food habits will be provided.
    Support to children with issues like picky eating will be addressed as well.

Team Child Care

  • Dr Kiran Raghu
  • MD, DNB
  • Consultant Pediatrician & Nenonatologist

  • Dr. Merriyet. M.B
  • MBBS, MD Pediatrics
  • Consultant Pediatrician
  • (Know more)

Parents and the hospital always wish for healthy baby. But for some reason, if your little one needs extra support we at Prakriya are equipped with level 2 NICU with well trained Neonatalogists and nurses capable of supporting your baby’s needs.

  • Preterm care
    Babies who are born before completing 37 weeks are termed as preterm. Some times these babies need extra help to breathe, to establish feeding and to maintain their temperature. Prakriya Hospitals' NICU is equipped to support the needs of these fragile babies in a gentle and compassionate manner.
  • Low birth weight babies
    For various reasons some times babies are born with less than ideal weight. These babies need extra help after birth, which is available at our hospital.
  • Jaundice requiring phototherapy
    Most babies develop jaundice after birth. Some of these babies need photo therapy to treat the jaundice. At Prakriya we are equipped with state of the art LED photo therapy units for treating jaundice.
  • Baby checks
    Newborn babies at Prakriya will get a detailed head to toe examination by our paediatrician who are experts in this field.
  • Hips, heart and eyes screening
    All new born babies need to get their hips checked for the presence of loose hips. Detecting this problem early will help to intervene early and prevent long term problems.
    Cardiac screening-All new born babies will be screened for critical heart diseases at discharge.
  • Hearing screening
    As per international and national recommendation all babies will be screened for hearing defects at birth. This is to ensure we identify babies with problems early and give the support needed by the family as early as possible.
  • Feeding support for parents
    Initial couple of weeks is a huge adjustment phase for both the parents and the baby. Breast milk is the right of every baby. Our team of doctors and nurses are committed to help parents achieve exclusive breast feeding.
  • Prenatal counseling
    All parents will be counseled extensively by our team of obstetricians, pediatricians , physiotherapists and nutritionists regarding pregnancy, birthing process and post natal care.We passionately believe preparing them in advance will help the family to enjoy this joyous occasion with less anxiety.
  • Well baby followup
    Babies will be followed up as required after discharge to ensure that they are growing well and also to make sure that parents are coping well with the changes.

Team Child Care

  • Dr. Merriyet. M.B
  • MBBS, MD Pediatrics
  • Consultant Pediatrician
  • (Know more)

We have a 5-bedded PICU with dedicated doctors and nurses committed to provide high quality care for health issues needing intensive care. Our services include:

  • Breathing difficulties
    Children can develop breathing difficulties for numerous reasons. At Prakriya our team of doctors will assess and provide appropriate treatment according to the child’s needs.

    Some of the condition which can cause breathing difficulties in children are pneumonia, infection of airways, exacerbation of asthma, fluid collection in the lung, allergic reaction.

    Children need emergency attention if any of the following are noticed by care takers
    • Fast breathing
    • Chest in-drawing
    • Not able to complete sentences while speaking.
    • Drowsy child
    • Not feeding and inactive child.
  • Shock
    Shock is where the child’s organs are not getting enough blood supply. This is an acute emergency and a child will need immediate medical attention.
  • Dengue fever
    Dengue is a viral infection. It is spread through mosquito bite. It can vary from being a simple viral fever to a life threatening illness. Children often need intensive support during the illness and our doctors are trained to provide the same.
  • Seizures
    Commonly known as fits, seizures are very scary to witness. Children can develop fits due to fever or infection to name a few. At Prakriya Hospitals we are equipped to handle these pediatric emergencies.

    We also aim to provide counseling to parents on how to give first aid to a child who is having fits outside a hospital setting. This will empower them and help them to deal with the problem in a scientific way when the need arises.

Team Child Care

  • Dr. Merriyet. M.B
  • MBBS, MD Pediatrics
  • Consultant Pediatrician
  • (Know more)

According to IAP and WHO recommendations, the following vaccinations are offered at Prakriya Hospitals in a safe environment.

  • BCG
  • DTWP
  • Hepatitis B
  • Polio
  • HiB
  • Pneumococcal
  • Rota viral
  • MMR
  • Influenza
  • Thyphoid
  • Hepatitis A
  • Varicella
  • HPV

Team Child Care

  • Dr. Merriyet. M.B
  • MBBS, MD Pediatrics
  • Consultant Pediatrician
  • (Know more)
  • General Pediatric Surgeries
  • Pediatric Urological Surgeries
  • Pediatric Endoscopic Procedures– Bronchoscopy, Colonoscopy, Cytoscopy, Laparoscopy & Thoracoscopy
  • Pediatric Oncology

Team Child Care

  • Dr. Merriyet. M.B
  • MBBS, MD Pediatrics
  • Consultant Pediatrician
  • (Know more)
  1. How do I get an appointment to meet the pediatrician?
    You should call the number provided on the hospital website and we will be able to help you to get an appointment to meet the pediatrician or you can walk in to the hospital and make an appointment.
  2. How can I keep my child busy if there is a long wait or we have a longer appointment?
    Prakriya Hospitals' outpatient space is stocked with a variety of toys for different ages. Please don't hesitate to ask a member of the Prakriya team to help you. They will be happy to bring something into the waiting area for your child to play with. Also feel free to let the person know what kind of toys your child likes to typically play with at home. If we have something similar we are happy to bring that item in.
  3. Is my child going to get a needle poke (shots, blood draw, etc.) today?
    There is no a clear-cut answer to this question, but that does not mean you shouldn't be able to try to prepare your child ahead of time. As it's important to be honest with your child to make sure that their trust isn't broken .
  4. Where can we go to get food?
    Prakriya Hospitals has its own cafe. You can ask one of our staff members to show you the way and they will guide you.
  5. Who will see my child in the hospital?
    If you have an appointment with a particular pediatrician that doctor will see your child.If you walked in without an appointment one of our pediatricians will attend your child as soon as possible. Some times your child may need emergency care, if your child is acutely unwell it is prudent to let our staff know. Our emergency services will immediately take care of the patient.
  6. How will the hospital communicate with me when my child is admitted?
    During your child's hospital stay, he or she will be cared for by a team of healthcare professionals. Every morning, the team meets in each patient's room to review progress, discuss treatments, and develop care plans. These meetings are called "rounds". Families are an important part of the care team and are encouraged to participate in these rounds. Rounds are also a good time to ask questions and to tell the team about your child. If you are unable or prefer not to participate in rounds, a member of the healthcare team can update you in your preferred time.
  7. How to prevent infection in the hospital?
    As sick and injured children are so vulnerable, it is very important that anyone who has a cold, fever, vomiting or diarrhea should not visit the hospital. A parent or guardian who has a cold may be able to visit, but will be required to wear a mask. Washing your hands is a top priority to prevent the spread of infections. All healthcare professionals and visitors must wash their hands with soap and hot water or use the alcohol-based sanitizer when entering or leaving the patient's room.
  8. Are vaccines safe?
    Despite recent debates and fears, it is an irrefutable fact that vaccines have improved child heath around the world and reduced the number of children affected by diseases like chickenpox, polio and measles. A vaccine's safety is also researched regularly, and its schedule is re-evaluated annually by the nation’s top disease experts and doctors.

Team Child Care

  • Dr. Merriyet. M.B
  • MBBS, MD Pediatrics
  • Consultant Pediatrician
  • (Know more)
Department of Child Care

True to our motto of nurturing life, we at Prakriya are comitted towards offering the best health care services to nurture your little ones. Needs of children are of utmost priority at Prakriya Hospitals. As one of the leading pediatric and neonatal health care providers in the region, our department of child health at Prakriya is committed to provide comprehensive and evidence based care to your little one's health issues in a caring, compassionate and child friendly atmosphere.

Equipped with state of the art infrastructure and expert professionals trained in renowned institutions around the world, we aim to provide quality care at an affordable cost. Our team of Pediatricians, Neonatalogists and Nurses are dedicated to provide medical, emotional and social support needed by your child and family in the hour of need. At Prakriya we are passionate about improving health and quality of life of children with continued education, research and multidisciplinary approach to the needs of children.

Our services:
  • General pediatrics
  • Neonatal intensive care
  • Pediatric intensive care
  • Well baby clinic
  • Pediatric emergency
  • Immunizations
  • Pediatric Surgery

Team Child Care

  • Dr. Merriyet. M.B
  • MBBS, MD Pediatrics
  • Consultant Pediatrician
  • (Know more)